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Improving the quality of life of BreastCancer patients with Integrated MedicineTechniques

As part of an integrated oncological treatment path, complementary medicines can provide support in mitigating the common side effects of
conventional oncological treatments in breast cancer.
The objective of this project was to involve patients undergoing oncology treatment through interventions specific to Complementary
Medicine, to evaluate the impact on improving the quality of life of treated patients and controlling symptoms.
Materials and methods
After an interview to collect informed consent and a multidisciplinary clinical visit by doctors expert in Acupuncture, Phytotherapy and Homeopathy, 61 patients (60 women and one man) diagnosed with breast cancer were enrolled and underwent integrated and
complementary medicine interventions including in the project entitled “Improving the quality of life of cancer patients, with the techniques
of Complementary Medicine and Integrated Medicine”, which was carried out at the hospital of Poggibonsi (SI) Local Health Authority
of South-East Tuscany in the period April 2020-May 2021.
Some patients were treated for multiple symptoms. The effectiveness of the treatment was evaluated in patients treated with Complementary
Medicines by administering the ESAS2 form (Edmonton Symtom Assessment Scale). Furthermore, a questionnaire on the perceived
quality of the service was administered at the end of the treatment. The medical oncologist then re-evaluated the patient’s state of health at the
end of the treatment.